Hello to everyone, everywhere! NEW ALBUM NEWS

It’s been an absolute joy to work on this new album with these musicians. In a time when music seems to miraculously appear for no cost, we want to thank all of you who have supported the project with time, effort and finances. It took over a year to conceptualize, arrange, record, mix and market this project. Thank you ALL for your input and efforts!
Special thanks to the musicians – Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Marty Ballou, Sonny Barbato, Dave Zinno, Bruce Bartlett and Klem Klimek. Steve Rizzo did an exceptional job engineering for us. Nic X for helping with everything from the beginning. Erlin Sanchez my web designer extraordinaire. Marie, Leah, Julia – I love you!

Here’s are bits of reviews from CyberPR writer, Ken Bays and JazzTimes writer Ken Frankling:

‘joyous creativity flows through the whole project.’

“The album’s high point, though, is also its unlikeliest selection: Who even remembers “Flying,” one of the instrumental numbers from Magical Mystery Tour? JAMBa does, and they’ve made Purdie’s New Orleans-tinted rhythm the track’s centerpiece. The gently rising melody, so low-key on the Beatles’ recording, becomes a thing of breathtaking beauty as it’s passed back and forth between sax, organ and guitar, with Purdie’s and Anter’s perpetual-motion timekeeping serving as the mesmerizing foundation.

This is the second album Anter, Ballou and Purdie have released together; the first, titled If You Need Me, was issued under Purdie’s name in 2011. Let’s hope they continue to get together and record, because with music this good, these tirelessly professional rhythm aces deserve to be heard. Maybe they’ll even inspire more sidemen to step into the spotlight. JAMBa sure know how to jam.” Ken Bays

“They pulled together an impressive lineup of studio players for Off White, a stretched-out, instrumental jazz tribute to The Beatles. It combines elements from The Fab Four’s White Album. Quite a few jazz players have covered Beatles material in recent years, but not like this.” – Ken Frankling


Bernard Purdie Most Recorded Drummer In The World


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