So much great music is being made today! Unfortunately, most of it never sees the light of day. Also, most musicians quickly learn that real talent and a successful project don’t necessarily mean financial success.

Our mission at DRUMSFIRST is to bring you the best music you never heard. We’re in the process of building a catalogue to promote and market indie projects and handle some of the business pieces that you may not want to deal with; marketing, social media, advertising.

Most important to us is creating a music environment known for high quality performances that do get heard. Over time we’re going to build into the site other free services that help musicians grow and continue to do what they do best…make more music.



Site features will include: instructional videos, blog updates for sharing ideas on practice and performance,  point of sales for Indie music that maximizes profit for musicians. We’ll also be looking for your input on developing additional features of the site.


John Anter is a drummer who studied with Bernard Purdie, Alan Dawson, Gene Pollart and Carl Allen. Other major influences are Hal Crook, Herb Pomeroy and Tony Williams. He’s been an active musician since 1969. Performances and recordings include Bernard Purdie, The Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Frank Tiberi, Ray Alexander, Hal Crook, Greg Abate, Herb Pomeroy, Peter Sprague, Dan Moretti, Bobby Green, Nicolas King, Mike Renzi, Slide Hampton, Marian McPartland, Warren Chaisson, Al Cohn, Phil Wilson, Gunther Schuller, Vic Dickinson, Chuck Wayne, and Maxine Sullivan. He’s also worked as a musician and/or producer at Sonalysts, Seaside Recordings and Stable Sounds. Recently, John started the JambaTunes record label as a producer.