If You Need Me feat Bernard Purdie




Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is the worlds most recorded drummer. You may not know him by name but you know his playing. Since the ’60’s he’s been known as “The Hitmaker” and regarded by many drummers as the greatest of all the groove players. You can hear him on “Rock Steady” with Aretha or “Cold Sweat” with JB, Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Jeff Beck and hundreds of other recording artists.
The tracks feature Bernard’s signature grooves in a solo format, with another drummer, (John Anter) and with bass player Marty Ballou. It’s all about rhythm, melody, dynamics and groove. It’s a unique record because of it’s instrumentation but it certainly stands on it’s own as it highlights the man who set the standard for pop, rock, blues, funk and jazz for the last 50 years. Today, Purdie’s grooves are being sampled by many contemporary artists showing that his influence transcends time and style. Enjoy!