DrumsFirst.com was created to highlight the talent of drummers around the world, provide instruction and motivate musicians to work at their craft.

In addition, DrumsFirst.com will act as a global portal for musicians to showcase their work.

Originally we went online to promote our recording project, “If You Need Me” featuring Bernard Purdie

Site features will include:
Instructional Videos
An Independent Artists Recording Catalogue
Blog Updates on Various Artists
Network for Sharing Ideas on Practice and Performance
Point of Sales for Indie Music that Maximizes Profit for Musicians
We’ll also be looking for your input on developing features of the site.

John Anter is a drummer who studied with Bernard Purdie, Alan Dawson, Gene Pollart and Carl Allen. Other major influences are Hal Crook, Herb Pomeroy and Tony Williams. He’s been an active musician since 1969. Performances and recordings include Bernard Purdie, The Nelson Riddle Orchestra, Frank Tiberi, Hal Crook, Greg Abate, Herb Pomeroy, Peter Sprague, Dan Moretti, Mac Chrupcala groups, Bobby Green, Nicolas King and Mike Renzi, Slide Hampton, Marian McPartland, Warren Chaisson, Al Cohn, Phil Wilson, Gunther Schuller, Vic Dickinson, Chuck Wayne, and Bill Dobbins.

He’s also worked as a musician and/or producer at Sonalysts, Seaside Recordings and Stable Sounds.

John has many years experience teaching percussion at all levels of instruction.